Denmark's biggest publishing platform

{[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} gives you, as a publisher, a unique set of tools
to publish your content as e-books, printed books or courses

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Publish Konkurrence

Got something to say?

If you have an idea, knowledge or a good story that should be published as a book, you have the opportunity to win professional writing and marketing help.

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There are many advantages to publishing with {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}

Publish for free
It is free to publish with {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}. Everybody can register and start publishing their content
Keep your rights
You keep the copyright to everything you publish on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}.
An entry to other platforms
{[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} can help you sell your books on other platforms and stores
Extended Statistics
With {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}, you can monitor your sales and see who your readers are
Extra Services
{[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} can help you, if you need help during the publishing process, whether it is after publishing or while writing your content. Read more
Monthly payouts
You get a payout every single month, if you have earned more than 100 kr.

Publish e-books

E-books are digital publications. With {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} you can
publish e-books for free, as a PDF or EPUB, and you can
follow your sales through your profile.

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Publish printed books

With Print on Demand you can publish printed books
without any extra costs. You have to create your book,
upload your content and put it up for sale. As soon as a
customer orders the book, you receive your share of the sale

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Trykt bøg

Publish courses

Courses are another way of publishing content. A course can consist of video, graphics, text, sound, quizzes etc.

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Other formats

Print on Demand

Sales & Distribution

When you publish on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}, your publications become available at {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}. You also have the opportunity to sell your titles in other bookstores.

Fysiske bøger

Printed books

If you have printed books, you can sell them on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}
and other bookstores.

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It is possible to sell your e-book in other bookstores
and making the publication available in the online library, We can also sell your book on
Apple's iBooks store.

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When you create courses on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]},
they automatically become available on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}


At {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} we also have other activities, that aren't part of the publishing platform. They can be writing activities, teaching or competitions. You can read more above each individual project here.

It is a free online author school, aimed at the higher classes in high school.
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Is a yearly event, that focuses on authors and illustrators.
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{[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_ORGANISATION' | const }]} Forfatterspirerklub
For 11-18 year-old talents, which would like to become authors in the future.
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{[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_ORGANISATION' | const }]} Author School
An online author school and community, where people can get writing exercises and feedback
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With eReolen's digitalisation project, you can get your book digitised without any extra costs.
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Dear Authors

By publishing with {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}, you can get your content out to a lot of readers. Our platform is quick and easy to work with. You can publish your content as an e-book, printed book or a course.

On {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} you can get help during the creative process. We're in contact with proffessional editors, graphic designers and printers, which can ensure that your publication is exactly the way you want it to be.

Through your {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} profile you can keep track of your sales and readers (for example age, location and education)

We can help digitise your older publications into e-books.

You can also get help with everything technical which is required before your book makes it to the readers.

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Dear Publishers

As a Publisher, you can sell your books directly on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]} and avoid paying fees since it is free to use {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}. You can select whether to use a retail price or a net price and you can change your prices.

We can help you digitise your old publications. Your book catalog doesn't have to be sold out anymore, when you're publishing with Print on Demand.

It is also possible to publish content for free on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]}.

In your user profile you can get detailed information about your sales on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}. For example you can see which target groups are purchasing your books. You can use this to plan and focus your marketing efforts. We can also help you with your marketing with reviews and targeted emails to interested readers.

As a Publisher on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}, you can get closer to your readers by, for example, notifying them directly on the site.

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Dear Companies

A lot of companies publish their different reports, white papers, evaluations etc, through their own website. This can be a complicated task and its hard to attract the intended readers.

The only thing you need to do, is register and upload your content, and it will be available for sale on {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_SHOP' | const }]}

Through your {[{ ::'BRAND_NAME_PUBLISH' | const }]} user, you also have the opportunity to get detailed statistics about your readers. You can see who and when buys your books, which gives you valuable insights about your company.

Additionally, as a company, you can publish Courses which you can use for internal training or for sale to customers

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